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Tax Deductible Giving:

Although Phoenix Commotion is a for profit enterprise (Dan can afford to buy his own lunch at least once a week, though I can’t remember the man actually taking the time to eat during the day), we are partnered with a certified non-profit in Houston called Living Paradigm. Living Paradigm president Amanda Tullos is a LEED AP architect who was inspired by the work of Dan Phillips and spent the last two and a half years contributing to the addendum to the City of Houston building codes for reuse materials. Living Paradigm also targets the under served and covers both Walker and Harris counties in its mission statement. Here in Huntsville, Phoenix Commotion has developed a relationship of trust with city building officials that has resulted in the creation of 12 structurally sound homes, but we need many more.

Living Paradigm houses The Phoenix Fund, which is a seed money account that goes directly to homesteaders to start building their homes by serving as interim financing for land, building permits, construction materials that must be purchased new, such as structural lumber, plumbing and electrical supplies. Once the house is complete, and the home owner secures a mortgage this money is returned to the fund for the next project. Each dollar you donate will be used to start building a house many times over, hopefully forever! You can donate directly to the fund below.