Contribute Materials

A big part of what makes this initiative work is collaboration. When we all share a little bit of our excess resources in a concentrated way, houses get built. Every one of us has something lying around that we don’t use. Here are some specific things you could send our way or collect to use in your own build:

Metal bottle caps

Wine corks (Synthetic is OK)

Bones! Cattle, pig, ?? (no fowl). You want to help us in a strange and thrilling way? Talk to your rancher friends and find us some bones. If you’re feeling really adventurous find us some unusual bones with the proper paperwork – The first Bone House we built contained a properly documented (ie. legal) whale rib. We’re running low, so you would be a hero.

Broken solar cells or other salvaged PV bits.

Camcorder (Flash or hard drive memory). We would like to document the builds better, create instructional videos, and post more updates on our blog for you.

Flash memory (1Gb+ usb or SD)

Copper sheeting (any condition)

Air hose, garden hose (working condition)

Drill bits (any size/type for a 3/8″ chuck), Dremel bits

Cordless drill (18v+) with a decent battery

Safety glasses/goggles

Tool belts, Work gloves

Band Saw (less than 300lbs)

Contact us for our mailing address or questions about other materials not on this list that you have to donate. Thank you!


Fund The Purchase Of New Supplies:

Framing studs, Tyvek house wrap, nails, screws, pvc piping (reclaimed pipe can be UV damaged or compromised in other ways), concrete, caulk, grout, tools, etc.

You can give as little as $10 and save Dan a trip the the hardware store. Set him up with some supplies here. McCoy’s Building Supply has been very supportive of Phoenix Commotion projects over the years.