More Projects

Last Organic Outpost

The Last Organic Outpost, located just East of downtown Houston, is the brainchild of Joe and Marcella Icet. Functioning as a vibrant community garden in a marginal neighborhood, the urban garden has a recycled gazebo, built by The Phoenix Commotion. Discovery Green of Houston commissioned Dan to build the gazebo as an art installation–eventually to be relocated at The Last Organic Outpost.

Eric’s House

Having worked for The Phoenix Commotion for a number of years, Eric Farris decided to build his own house, sized modestly for himself and his wife and child. The house is 380 square feet.

Mary Droz House
A single mother with two children, Mary Droz built her 500 square foot house under the mentor-ship of Lucas Petrash, an architecture student at USC, coordinated by The Phoenix Commotion.

Cortina’s House
Martha and Joe Cortina, who had five children under five years old, built their own house with recycled materials. Working closely with The Phoenix Commotion, the project was mentored by a local contractor, Mike Bradley.

Gloria’s House

Gloria Bernal, a widow with one son, designed and built her own house under the mentor-ship of The Phoenix Commotion.

Brigid’s Paradigm

Brigid’s Place, sponsored by Christ Church Cathedral in Houston, sponsored the interim financing for a single mother to build her own house. The initiative was named Brigid’s Paradigm. Ultimately, the house became the house of yet another single mother, who remodeled it to accommodate her own family.