Book Dan to Speak

Dan is available to speak on the following topics:

Three different lecture packages are available each of which can be adjusted to specific populations from junior-high age to seasoned professionals. Each lecture has considerable substance, and can be couched in layman’s terms or with terminology targeting a tutored audience. Visual aids or demonstrations augment each lecture.

The American Neurosis. This lecture covers the topic of building low-income housing, with a minimum wage crew, with free, salvage, and recycled materials. The causes of waste are explored – ranging from deep cultural and primal bents to the flagrant consumerism in our society. Modes for addressing the cultural shortcomings associated with “homeless”” families are explored, with a summary of what an average person could do to help. 45-60 minutes.

Carbonated Prune Juice and the After-Market House. This lecture explores the topic of non-verbal metaphor, and how the advertising industry uses it as opium for consumerism. Deep-seated predilections for symbolic transformation of experience, coupled with innate tendencies to make non-verbal associations, trap the American consumer into craving appointments in housing that are ecologically harsh, and cater only to the middle- and upper-classes. The philosophical position is firmly rooted in the Cassirer/Langer tradition, with augmentation from numerous other writers. 55-70 minutes.

Sheetrock and the Search for Primal Congruency. This lecture explores the phenomenology of residential architecture in America today, and how we have abandoned listening to deeper primal murmurs and allow standard building strategies and materials to dictate what our houses should be. Viewing the house as an object, rather than as a lived spatial and semantic dynamic, formalizes perceptions and dehumanizes the occupant. The philosophical perspective is existential, and accesses the writings of Sartre, Merleau-Ponty, and Bachelard. 45-60 minutes.

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